Band Practice

Just like a party, It’s always better with your friends!! Everybody get ready for The Big Show!!

This section tells you how many times to play each part and then gives you a heads up as to what is coming next!

It’s Go Time!!!                                   Snapshot 17 (2-26-2016 6-28 PM)

Here comes the Bass, the other Guitarist, a Keyboard Player, and a few other surprises!

Snapshot 11 (2-28-2016 2-05 AM)Heads UP! It’s Coming!Snapshot 1 (2-28-2016 2-53 AM)

It’s a whole new level when you start to hear how YOUR part fits into something MUCH BIGGER!

Rehearse The Verse!!                   Snapshot 14 (2-28-2016 2-06 AM)

We put all the pieces together to make 1 AWESOME SONG!!

Snapshot 2 (2-28-2016 2-54 AM) You know what to do! YOOOOOO!!

You Build It UP! And then You….