Our Inspiration

Recent breakthroughs in the way we learn. With new methods and techniques to learning, people are now accomplishing things never before possible. Such as learning a language and becoming fluent  in as little as 3 months.

In the 4-Hour Chef, author Tim Ferriss says:

“It is possible to become world-class and enter the top 5% of performers in the world, in almost any subject within 6– 12 months, or even 6– 12 weeks.”

Here’s How.. 

Deconstruction– Find the Minimum Learn-able Units! What are the blocks?

Selection Find the 20% of the blocks that are the most important.

Sequencing–  In what order should I learn the blocks? Take the 20% that you selected above and order it.

StakesHow do I set up real stakes to guarantee follow-through?

So the question becomes.. “What would happen if we applied these same principles to learning the guitar!?”