Step to the Beat

Now it’s time to break it down!  By that we mean into little easy pieces and with a killer drummer!! No boring beeps for you my friend!

We count you off and then the beat drops! You will be Rockin out from the start!

Snapshot 1 (2-26-2016 5-43 PM)Snapshot 3 (2-27-2016 9-35 PM)

Snapshot 3 (2-26-2016 5-55 PM)Snapshot 16 (2-26-2016 6-25 PM)

Snapshot 5 (2-26-2016 6-04 PM)Snapshot 4 (2-27-2016 9-47 PM)

Snapshot 9 (2-26-2016 6-10 PM)Snapshot 4 (2-27-2016 9-47 PM)

Snapshot 11 (2-26-2016 6-17 PM)Snapshot 2 (2-26-2016 5-44 PM)


Each rhythm is specific to the part of the song you will be playing. This helps you actually enjoy yourself while at the same time learning about the individual pieces of a killer song!!

P.S. Don’t tell you this but..  you will actually be learning how to play different styles of music while your having a good time Rockin out in easy little tasty bites!